At 15 years of age, Adam left his safe and secure small town in Washington State to live in India for a year on a student exchange program. Searching for something meaningful, he felt his adolescent life was superficial and lacking purpose.

Not long after he arrived, he was studying at school when a student burst into his classroom, yelling about a large bomb blast nearby. Shortly after, Adam’s host father picked him up on a motorcycle, and they headed towards the heart of the blast to help. Driving towards the site, Adam witnessed many people fleeing the scene with bloodied bodies and missing limbs.

A mosque, three houses away from his host family’s home was the target of a political message, killing many people in prayer. Adam, later locked in his home for safety, helplessly watched from his balcony above as trucks loaded injured and dead people below him.

Two days later, a news team knocked on his door, interested in the American exchange student’s international perspective. Adam’s messages were of unity—don’t allow fear to divide us and propel us against each other. 

After the story ran internationally, Adam quickly became a symbol of unity and peace. He next appeared in another international news story–united with a Muslim friend. Soon after, he received a call from the UN, wanting to extract him from India and send him back the United States for his own protection. He had become a target of attack by the extremist groups because of his Love stance. Adam rejected the warnings to leave because this experience threw him deeply into serious spiritual and political inquiry.

He left his host family for his own pilgrimage to study with some of the most famous
gurus in India (including Baba Ramdev). He trained to become a yogi and began an intensive meditation practice. He was hungry to understand the root of war, hatred, and anger, globally–but also internally. He developed a deep desire to be of service to humanity by bringing peace and Love where they have been banished. 

Adam’s next adventure was traveling to Peru to bring health services to indigenous tribes in the Andes at 16,000 feet elevation, places only accessible by hiking. There he discovered that one of his Soul’s biggest vehicles of healing and connection was through music. He began to study Sacred Sound and ethnomusicology as he wrote songs as transmissions of healing.

Adam experienced a full awakening when he later met his wife, Elisa Romeo. Through their meeting, he awoke to his past lives, the ability to speak with spirits and discovered the true nature and purpose of his Soul. Their Soul reunion and Twin Flame spiritual partnership showed them how to activate and work with the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies.

Adam and Elisa work with clients worldwide offering Soul Sessions, together and individually. Soul Sessions focus on receiving information from your Soul and having a direct experience with the Divine part of yourself. Elisa and Adam work over the phone, Skype, Zoom and FaceTime. Schedule a Soul Session here.